MAEDOT EDUTECH is Educational technologies Company established by Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora. The goal is to empower Ethiopian Educators and Educational Institutions through the Training and transfer of cutting edge Educational Technologies.


We develop brand new websites and educational software or customize opensource applications for your needs.


We also supply Educational Hardware components to empower the educational software we have developed or implemented.


Maedot provides online and in-person trainings for all educational software and hardware components we have transferred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can directly go to the Demo menu and select the kind of applications you would like to check if it matches your needs. Also contact us so that we can provide you with a demo username and password to test as an end user or as administrator.

We are creating all kinds of software and web applications which are essential to provide hybrid or fully online learning.

Yes, we have installment program for our clients to help the get the products and services to get whenever they need and pay it later. You don’t have to wait until you have enough. Get it right away and empower your educational experience.

Yes, you will absolutely get 24/7 free support from our dedicated technical experts working around the clock from the United States and Addis Ababa Office.

Yes, you can cancel your services anytime for any reason. 

Yes, your data will be kept in our datacenters located securely and redundantly in North America. If you would prefer your data to be kept locally, we also have a secure datacenter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

We have multiple layers of security features to protect your sites from local hackers and international cyber criminals. However, in case system failure, we have backup and restore procedure to quickly retrieve your entire system in minutes.

No, you do not need a very expensive dedicated server for your website or web application. There is a cheaper way. We can install and maintain your site on a Shared Server where we share the same physical server with several clients under virtualized partitions. If you have the budget, however, we can help you implement on your own local server. 

We can help you create a domain name free of charge. However, there is annual fee for companies who register your domain name.  Depending on the domain extension you prefer, the domain registrar may be local or abroad. 

Yes, we develop both web and mobile applications for your company. Just contact us for the detail.


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USA: +1(301)-768-1494 Addis Ababa: +251(936)-657024 or +251(911)720145 Email: Website: or just send us request by Clicking the Contact us button below