Promotion & Events

Our one mission is to enable merchants and customers enjoy the comfort of exchanging personalized product/service information and making purchase as close as clicks away.


  • Producing Documentary films
  • Developing media projects
  • Producing media programs
  • Radio and TV Dramas, Advertisements
  • Audio and Video messages
  • Arranging Events
  • Organizing media campaigns
  • Developing magazines, broachers, newsletters etc


  • We have adequate experience to handle any assignment related to promotion and documentation. These who have done a lot in documentation, documentary and photo shooting will combine with professionals who have a literature, health, business and social science background.
  • Our Team is composed of four multidisciplinary professionals with Masters degree in Journalism, Public Health, Development and Economics as well as  two team members who specialize in Computer science and Fine Arts. Besides the editor, the sound man, the graphic designer and the camera man are all well  seasoned graphic designers working with the latest instructional design and video edition tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Captivate 2019.
  • We have the latest editing &recording equipment.
  • Maedot working culture permits joint planning.
  • Maedot has the experience working in hard to reach areas. 
  • Whatever it is the challenge, we never fail to notice professionalism.
  • Maedot has a strong commitment to the people it serves. 
  • We are always a head of the assignment that we have at hand.

What can we do for you?

Email Marketing

We will advertise your products and services by directly sending emails to thousands of targeted audience using our automated promotional email server.

Social-media Marketing

As social media is accessed every single minutes by millions of people, it is one of the best promotional tools. Just contact us if you want to try it.

Digital & Print Media

We produce high quality professional promotional materials such as brochures, business cards, and bulletins for your events, products or services. You can choose to use the digital or printed copies.

Online Shopping Solutions

We can also help you designing your products and services to publish on your eCommerce website.

TV or YouTube Videos

If you need to advertise your products and services via satellite TV or YouTube Channel, we can help you creating professional HD commercial videos.

Documentary Videos

We can also help you promote your cause via documentary videos of what you achieved or what problems would you like to address.

Tell us about your business and it is our job to come up with best solutions

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