Ethiopian Digital Library is a model digital library designed  and powered by Maedot Educational Technologies. The objective of the library is to contribute to the national effort to the preservation, digitization and dissemination of books, articles and newspapers and other works written in different Ethiopian languages. In addition, it collects books written in other Foreign languages and makes them available for readers  who otherwise cannot access them. 

So far, we have collected more than 21,000 items and on the process of collecting another 20,000 promised items so that to make  our  collection a little over 40,000. 

All our collections are acquired through our digitization projects, gifts, purchases and downloading freely available public domain books and journals. 

The Library is fully funded by members contribution and volunteers donation.  Please come and join us. Support and enrich your Digital Library by becoming a member. 

Membership at Ethiopian Digital Library (EDL) is free. However, as the library functions with members contribution, there will be small amount of annual membership fee. The amount differs based on the kind of membership.

1. Individual Membership

Every person can be a member and the annual membership fee is twelve birr per year (ETB 12). It can paid monthly or yearly. As an individual member, you can access all categories of collections. Non members, for example will not have access to premium class of collection.

2. Institutional Membership

If you have a company or institute, you can become institutional member discharge your corporate responsibility by donating a tax deductible amount of five hundred birr (ETB 500) or more. As an institutional member, the library will promote your company in various events and on the library website. In addition, you can access all categories of collections.

Ethiopian Digital Library has a number of programs and projects. The three most important programs of ELD are digitization, repository and dissemination of our collections.

1. The Digitization Program

Our digitization program involves several Digitization projects one after the other. It is the process of preserving endangered archives across the country which has of historical and cultural significance. You can sponsor any of your preferred digitization projects in any one of the regional states in Ethiopia. Or if you have a collection that needs rescue please let us know so that we will include among the list of our projects to be carried our according to their urgency. For more information, please contact us.

2. The Repository Program

It is the storage of our digitized and donated digital resources in a safe server with redundancy backup and recovery technology. Although, we are currently hosted our resources in the clouds, it is our mid-range objective to establish state of the art data-center. If you would like to support us with our data-center establishment project please let us know.  

3. Cataloging & Dissemination

The cataloging and dissemination program of EDL involves the development, deployment and regular maintenance of library management system which can automate the entire process of cataloging, inventory, loan and membership management. Currently we are using modified version of opensource library management technology system. However, as it needs a continuous development and deployment process, we need volunteers who can help us adding features to the existing system code on GitHub.  If you would like to visit our current library management system please click here.

Ethiopian Digital Library (EDL) is a non-profit company established in 2012E.C. EDL is managed by its director and office team members which is largely composed of part-time and volunteer workers. The Library is also supervised by its elected board members. The general assembly, which includes all current and future members of the library are the ultimate decision making body of the library.

Management Team Members

1. August Adnew (PhD), Director

2. Damtew Zenebwork , Vice Director

3. Biniyam Ayalew, Web Developer

4. Daniel Merhatsidik, Public Relation officer

5. Fikadu Kenenisa, Programs Director



Powerful search engine

It helps you to easily search and download or read your books in a matter of seconds.

New Book Request

You can digitally request a purchase of a book which is not available in the library collection.

dewey decimal catalog

Our library is organized in Dewey Decimal Classification system. You can search under the ten major classes.

16/7 support

You will be provided with free technical support for 16 hours everyday on your membership and payment issues.


We have a digital collection of more than 40,000 books, journals and periodicals ready for download.

citation guide

You can copy and paste the automatically generated Citation and bibliography styles for your research.

Frequently asked questions

Library automation system is a computer application which is designed to automatically execute the daily routines of any library. The features of our applications include digital cataloging,  Catalog card generation, call number and bar-code generation, members management and ID card generation as well as inventory management. The system also facilitates the collection and sharing of digital collections in multiple formatting including PDF, Images, videos and microfilms. 

Our application does not have one single price for all institutions and purposes. If you want get unlimited access to our digital collection, you can become a premium member just for 10 Birr. However, the minimum development and deployment cost for a small and medium size library is between 10,000 to 20,000 Birr, which you can either pay it at one or can pay as you go (monthly). If you want the product please feel free to contact our marketing department at

Yes, anyone can use the application without a special training. However, for optimal usage it is recommended you may have the basic understanding of how library works. Nevertheless, as he application is user friendly, anyone can use it without any library experience.

If you want to use the free standard membership for one year you have to email at or call at one of the phone numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

Yes, you can cancel your membership anytime for any reason. Just contact us. But, you need to read the cancellation policy as the conditions are different according to the membership type.

Yes, you can change your membership anytime for any reason. Just contact us.

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