Maedot  Educational Technology Company was established in 2013 in Addis Ababa and the United States. While Educational Technology is its specialty area, web hosting, website design, web and mobile application development, educational business process automation and consultancy are the key objectives of our enterprise. 


We consult and conduct feasibility study and technical project studies on the establishment of Learning Management system, Digital Library and Library automation, Registrar and school Management system, office automation and related ICT infrastructure.

In addition, we design other websites and applications including retails, hospitals, manufacturing and entertainments with cutting edge information technology systems.

Meet our Team

We work in a team of several programmers, database developers, software testers, middle-ware engineers and application architects who live in Ethiopia and the United States. Our team members usually participate in one or more of our projects on remote bases. However, the following are some of dedicated team members whom you can talk to for your business.  

Fikadu Angasu

Technical Manager

Mr. Fikadu has a Masters Degree with more than 15 years of experience in education and technology sectors. Mr. Fikadu’s educational background and entrepreneurial spirit along with his technical certifications  in various IT specialty make up core part of the engine for Educational Technologies company. Mr. Fikadu currently resides in Maryland, United States.

August Adnew

Marketing Manager

Dr. August has a PhD Degree  in Leadership. He has also received Masters in Social-work from JIC and English Language from Addis Ababa University. August has 16 years of experience in various colleges and Universities in Ethiopia. He is the chief marketing officer commanding a dozen of commission officers for the last couple of years.

Daniel Mekonnen

Software Engineer

Daniel is a graduate of engineering from Addis Ababa University. He has then specialized in visual designs and software architectures. Daniel’s bold and fearless innovative quality in designing new applications made our team to succeed in ever project.

Biniyam Ayalew

Junior developer

Biniyam Ayalew is a young highly talented hardworking and determined developer who has already developed a few fully functional web applications even before he graduate from high school. He had indeed, taken several independent summer coding courses at different projects. We are glad to have him in our team for he is one of the few exemplary personality who succeeded in a very young age.