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Moodle is one of the most advanced online learning management system that thousands of universities and schools prefer for their online teaching-learning solutions. With MOODLE, you can create video lessons, audio recordings, power-point slides; attach books and other reference materials, administer online tests and give automatic feedback, create interactive activities, organize forum discussions, create Course and course  categories, schedule lessons weekly, record students grades, generate printable transcript or course report, detect plagiarism with essay type assignments. Moodle is best known for its power to make any 100% online learning delivery.  100% online means once the teacher creates the course and setup all the starting and ending date of the course, specific time for test administration, create students account and give them access, moodle will do the rest. It is 100% automated. When necessary, the teacher can post forum, video conferencing or on to one student coaching.

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Birr 00
  • On EECP Online Platform
    Free Online Training
    Unlimited Courses
    Unlimited Teachers Account
    Unlimited Students Account
    No Admin Access
    Free Resource Sharing
    Free course sharing
    24/7 Support
    Best for trials, Charities, Religious institutions and civic societies
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School Portal
Birr 499
  • 1 Free Website for your school
    Free Staff Training
    Shared Server
    Unlimited Courses
    Unlimited Teachers Account
    Unlimited Students Account
    Full Admin Access
    24/7 Support
    Exclusive access for your school
    Best for High Schools, training centers, small and medium companies


College Portal
Birr 899
  • 1 Free Website for your Institute
    Free Staff Training
    On your own or Hosted Server
    Unlimited Courses
    Unlimited Teachers Account
    Unlimited Students Account
    Full Admin Access
    24/7 Support
    Secured with monthly scheduled Updates
    Best for colleges, universities and corporate companies

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teachers collaboration

Ethiopian E-Learning Collaborative Portal is an online teaching and learning collaboration portal for Ethiopian academic community which is established by Maedot Educational technologies in view of creating a powerful collaborative online higher education teaching and learning environment in which various higher education institutions jointly create courses and teach their students from the same portal.

Powerful technology

ELCP is developed based on Moodle which is one of the most powerful Learning Management systems available today. Moodle is known to be a dependable portal for  a full online or hybrid modes of online education system for schools and universities.   The goal of ELCP is to give Ethiopian scholars the opportunity to practice learning and teaching in a fully online environment. 

sharing resources

This kind of collaborative portal is specifically important in a country with limited technological and financial resources; partly because it is expensive if not difficult for each separate institute to build the technology infrastructure and create hundreds of quality online courses which can be approved by internal and external course auditors and quality inspectors.

get certified in Moodle

 If you are interested in learning more about the online learning environment, join us at Ethiopian E-learning Collaboration Portal  (ELCP). You will experience how e-learning looks like; and experiment creating your first online course of your interest and get certified in Moodle Online LMS. 

Come and join ELCP team. 

Paradigm college

Paradigm College is the first fully online college in Ethiopia. The college is scheduled to be launched in September, 2020. Currently, we are actively hiring qualified applicants to teach online courses with us. 

If you have a Masters Degree or higher in any field, you are qualified to apply today to be part of this visionary project by becoming an online part-time teaching job. Free training is available for all qualified candidates.

**If you are graduated in Computer Science or related fields, Bachelor Degrees are also welcomed. 

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To apply please click here or the logo of Paradigm college at the top of this page and submit the request.